Monday, 4 July 2011

Duke Nukem Forever

There are many old gamers from around the world that have been eagerly awaiting the return of Duke for well over a decade. Finally that moment has arrived and for many it will be a sad one.
 Back in the day Duke was the best there is. The iconic one lining, gun wielding badass from the 20th century. While the ESRP rating looked promising, being the longest one I've ever seen, the game was a bit of a let down. Yes, there were the epic one liners, yes the boobs were plentyful, yes Duke could kick some ass. However everything else was mediocre. The two things that really bugged me were the ability to carry only 2 weapons and the regenerating health. Seriously, only able to carry 2 guns, it's pathetic. It seems we will never get back the days where your super speedy commando can carry 10 weapons and enough ammo to supply an entire army. And that, I believe, is the big downer. We were looking for a game that would take us all back to the past glory, while at the same time the game company was trying to deliver a modern game to catch a new audience. In both respects the game failed an we got left with an average game which will be forgotten very quickly.

A few graphics generations behind. To be expected of a game with a development time of 12+ years. However it does ruin the feeling as I played this right after playing Witcher 2 and I was very very dissapointed. There are some decent large environments and there doesn't seem to be problems with clipping as far as I could see.


While the development was over a decade, the story feels like it was thought up in a couple of days. Aliens come back, they blow things up, Duke blows them up (with some bosses along the way) and eventually kills their leader. Sorry if this spoils it for you


Duke is pretty much the only voice that is worth listening to in this game. I'm thankful that there are enough one liners and sharp remarks to keep me entertained. If they were gone I would have gone into a mass depression over this games. The sounds are very similar to the graphics, a few generations behind and sounding very limp wristed compared to all the modern shooters that are lying around. And there is practically no ambiance noises to build a feeling of immersion


While not being too super this is the strongest part of the game. You run around most of the time blowing up pretty much anything that moves, but there is a fair bit of variation during the progress of the game. From platforming and some combat as a shrunken Duke, to boss battles and vehicular slaughter. Most mechanics work smoothly and the game is at least intuitive to play


While the Duke is back, he isn't what we wanted and remembered him to be. For all you who didn't know about him before, take a trip to the 90's and pull out some Duke Nukem 3D to find out why this game was so eagerly awaited.
 For those who knew all about Duke and were waiting for this masterpiece, let's forget the game was not so good but remember the King lives on, albeit in a stroller


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