Saturday, 7 May 2011

Portal 2

Portal 2 had the enormous task of taking a fantastic little game and turning it into a full length narrative. Lets see how it held up.

While not being the most spectacular game I've seen on the 360, it had some decently impressive environments and the variation from clinically white test areas to a worn down, rusty, piping area. Aside from the environment this game has little to model graphically, no cutscenes, no character models, so there is nothing more to say on this subject.


Puzzles. (takes place of story)
Most Games don't get a section on puzzles alone, but as it is the only thing Portal is about I had to bring it in.
At the start of the game the puzzle system was straightforward, simple to understand. You knew where you had to get and you would figure out how to open the door. While most of them proved easy it was still enjoyable.
 Then the game shifts to the next stage, slogging through the innards of the facility. This was rather disappointing as half the time your just looking for that damn white slab of wall to put your portal on and you're not always clearly shown where the exit is and at times it can be frustrating. While more difficult, it was kinda annoying.
 Overall there were some clever designs and interesting challenges, but tended to be too easy.

 In co-op it was a little more fun, being able to play with 4 portals, but two minds working on it made most of the puzzles too easy.


Not much to put here, you shoot a portals at walls and go through/make other things go through. It does what it needs to do competently and effectively. Physics may not be realistic but is constant throughout.


Amusing quips and monologues given throughout the game manage to keep a small smile on your face for most of the game. Voice overs, while obviously not being to intensive, are excellent. Portal gun sounds are, well, portal gun sounds. Only thing missing is proper impact sounds from falling objects, those were kinda limpwristed..


Enjoyable, good entertainment for a few hours. Great for playing with a buddy, but practically no replayablity as you already know all the solutions. It stand up very well compared to the first Portal, but doesn't quite beat it out despite much longer development and a much larger game.



  1. Good review, it's a pity Portal 2 is so short although at least it's not as short as the first one!

  2. I'm dying to play this... but "too short" means that I should be able to buy it used for under $30 sooner rather than later. :)