Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Majesty: A Fantasy Kingdom Sim

Might be a change to what most people are used to but I'm going to do an Android game. Majesty is sort of an RTS but with very simplistic controls and only an indirect ability to control your military units. While for PC and console this would be an issue, on a handheld device it works amazingly well and the game is addictive and entertaining.

The graphics are not super, instead the developer decided to keep the graphics simple and slightly cartoony, reminiscent of games on the GBA, albeit improved somewhat. This simple approach works well and also allows the game to run on a much wider range of devices rather then just on the high end devices like many new releases are restricted too. Buildings and unit models are adequately detailed to make the game look nice and animations do their part. 


Gameplay is simple, yet effective. You place buildings, produce units, get upgrades etc. just like you would expect from a modern day RTS but with a bit of a twist. You do not have direct control of your military units and  upgrades are not applied universally once you research them. Instead you place 'bounties' on enemy monsters to encourage your units to attack them and with the money they recieve they will go purchase, upgrades and items. This system adds a new layer of management to keep the game from being too simple, do you get extra units and buildings, or do you place bounties to get items and upgrades. Units also level up so you don't just want to swarm units, you want to upgrade your higher level units. For such a simple game it feels very satisfying to play and complete a mission. especially on the higher levels of difficulty. Occasionally your units will mill around before heading off to defend some structures which can be irritating sometimes


The game lacks a bit in the story area. Rather then having a continuous story it is more like a set of tasks with a quirky little blurb explaining the situation. While this is a short falling of the game you really don't notice it as the rest of the game is enthralling enough to provide plenty of entertainment.


This game was worth every minute I put in. Highly enjoyable and one of the few games on a handheld device that had controls that didn't feel awkward and clunky. I definately recommend getting this game if you have an android device. While it has short fallings



  1. huh, this is on Android? I'll have to look into it, thanks!

  2. i was looking at majesty 2 recently but passed, this might be what i'm looking for.